We Are Still Around!

We LOVED Yellowstone's Edge! We are heading back to it this summer!

We reached North Ranch last October via Fort McDowell, where we had arranged for Andrew, of A.N.S. Detailing (found on Outside our Bubble) to wash and wax our coach. WOW! What a GRAND job! Thanks, Brenda and David!

This past season in Arizona was wetter and cooler than usual. We did get several rides in, in spite of the "chill" and wet! The moisture certainly makes the desert GREEN in the spring!

Both Lindy and Mike are "off" the board/committee each served, thus providing more time to "do and be"! And that is JUST what we are doing!

We are enjoying EACH day, relishing in the experiences! Later!

Roving Riders, SWIRVIN on down the road--heading slowly to Montana and Yellowstone's Edge, with the promise to blog more often!

Along the Yellowstone River

at Yellowstone's Edge RV Park.

We have spent a month here, about 34 miles from the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

We have taken two raft trips on the Yellowstone with friends from North Ranch. Marcia and Dennis, our neighbors at North Ranch, spent a weekend at Yellowstone's Edge.

Steve and Linda, part of  SxS (side by side) group, Desert Tortoises, spent a week. A great time was had by all!

Fortunately the sky and air was clear/clean when they were here! You can see from this picture MUCH haze and smoke!

We have not been alone in facing this problem. Most of the north west US and western Canada have been suffering from the results of all the wildfires.

It is sobering to think of the wide spread damage done across this part of the US!

Tomorrow we begin our journey east and south. We will check on fires in Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico as we travel.

Here's hoping for rain and cooler weather!

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Catching up--Riding E Bikes at Redding and a flash back to 2013

Do you remember our story of biking at Redding CA in 2013? Click here to refresh your memory.  The very first paragraph of the 2013 entry will help build the background for this story, particularly the "walking the bikes up the hill" part.

Now let me share with you our ride in 2018! Premier Redding RV Resort rents RAD electric bikes. The ones we rented were just like the one in the link! We had GREAT FUN riding! It was SO MUCH FUN to ride UP that hill! Lindy was going just a tad too fast...! She had to slow it down a bit!

We rented the bikes for two hours, and thoroughly enjoyed our ride from the RV Park to the Sun Dial Bridge and the trail along the Sacramento River. These bikes would be great to have in Valley Camp, for riding the John Wayne Trail! 
Roving Riders, SWIRVIN around North Bend, Washington--wanting to rent those RAD bikes...!

Out our Window -- and On the Beach -- Newport, Oregon

We enjoyed a week sitting on an ocean-view site at Pacific Shores Motorcoach RV Resort. What a treat! The trail to the beach was near, with just a few steps (NOT like the 76 steps down to the beach at Lincoln City!) 

We explored tide pools at low tide. We all enjoyed the beach several times. Rupert doing what he loves -- playing with his ball, and Maddie being Maddie--just running around smiling and having fun!

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