Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Celebrating Rupert!

Rupert celebrates his ninth birthday today! His day started with a piece of his Pup-Pie Happy Birthday Pie! Do you think we are spoiling him any?

Then Mike gave him a new blue-dog toy. These are very special to Rupert, for each leg contains a plastic bottle-like structure which can squeak, if he grabs it just right.

 He loves to do so! His method is to chew on the legs, one at a time, until he removes the leg from the body. The next step, of course, is to remove the plastic squeaky from the material of the leg. There are times when he makes the "dog" squeak so rapidly that Rupert will lift his head up and howl! (If you ever happen to park near us, and hear a howl--you will 
know why!)

Rupert and Mike played Rupert's favorite game:  soccer. If you were to ask Rupert where his favorite place is, his answer would be Valley Camp. With lots of grass, which is not pokey (after all, he is quite particular where he puts his tender feet!), Valley Camp gives a four-legged friend LOTS to like! So what better place to celebrate his ninth birthday than at Valley Camp! 

Mike made a cake for us humans, to have along with Rupert's Birthday Pie.
Paws and Friends Birthday Celebration


Paw's ....

What a GREAT DAY!  Happy Birthday, Rupert!!!  Thank you for six and one half great years, Special Friend!

Roving Riders, soon to be SWIRVIN on down the road! (maybe a couple of pounds heavier....!)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Where oh Where to Get a Good Haircut

Those of you who live the RV lifestyle have probably experienced needing a hair cut and wondering where to go in a strange town. Ask fellow campers, RV campground employees, or local merchants you'll probably get a dozen different recommendations. We want to share with your our haircut experience on Friday May 20th, it wasn't even Friday the 13th!!!            

We are currently in Lincoln City, Oregon on the coast. Having been here a number of times we had our haircuts at a local salon. We were very happy with the previous results, so stopped by to make an appointment. The stylist could fit us in at 5:00 that evening.

When we appeared at the appointed time, we were informed that she was a little behind schedule, could we give her a "schmidge" more time. We dutifully asked how much a schmidge was, and were directed to return in an hour. No problem, so we went back to the rig and grabbed a bite to eat.

We returned at the new time only to find her still working on the previous customer. Finally about 20  minutes later she was ready to begin our haircuts. And this is when way out of whack Friday really  began.

Imagine being held captive by a very nice person who proceeds to tell you all the trials and tribulations of her life. Not really a problem except she talks with her hands and couldn't cut hair and talk at the same time (which was probably a good thing as neither of us suffered cut ears or lost hunks of hair)! The open back door might have provided an escape route except it was guarded by a feral cat she had adopted. (Actually a sweetie who liked his/her ears scratched.)

To make a long story short, we left the shop THREE AND ONE HALF HOURS later (Mike missed the Lucy with John Wayne special, which to a die hard Duke fan was above and beyond the call of duty) we walked out of the shop with GREAT haircuts. Freaky Friday, while seemingly interminable, turned out to be a memorable experience. We also thought it could be the plot of a novel!!

Roving Riders (Currently on the look out for whales.)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Out Our Window....Along the Way from North Ranch to Lincoln City, Oregon

We departed North Ranch April 12, traveling north, north west to Washington, then on to Lincoln City, Oregon. Here are some shots out our window as we made our journey....  Enjoy!

Nothing, AZ...yep! Nothing there, except us!

Snow capped mountains in Nevada...April but....! 

Nevada...beautiful country!

Nevada. Getting close to Ely! Wait for it....

Arrival in Ely...weather cool, but dry....  Wait for it...!

Ely, NV, next morning....! 

Yep! Snow! Forecast for snow showers and wind...lets stay another day!
Stay we did, and thankfully so! We ran the heat all day, watching the flurries and listening to the wind in the comfort of our home.

The Ruby Mountains, as we drove up to I-80 from Ely

Burns RV Park, Burns, OR
A very nice park, don't your agree?!

Washington, I-90 heading west for Snoqualmie Pass 

Snow melt along I-90 West-bound!
Remind you a little of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier?

We have arrived at Valley Camp, North Bend, WA.
Through our windshield April 19th... We did have a few bugs....!

City of North Bend, WA

Mountains surrounding North Bend, WA
Valley Camp, WA.
Tree Lindy calls the "Giving Tree"

Valley Camp--Rupert playing soccer...! He LOVES Valley Camp!

Champoeg State Park, near Newberg, OR
Out our window afternoon of our arrival at Lincoln City

Morning of day after our arrival at Lincoln City...

One end of rainbow....

Other end of rainbow!!
At our site...RV Park beautifully landscaped! 

We made it to Valley Camp, North Bend, Washington 3:00 p.m., April 19, 2016. Mike's dad died 11:30 that night. We celebrate the great memories!
Jim, enjoying driving our first motor home, May 2008. 

He so enjoyed our travels as we enjoyed sharing them with him!
Farewell, Dad!

We are currently on the Oregon Coast, enjoying the rain and sunshine that the Pacific North West presents!

Hope you enjoyed the views out our window!

Roving Riders, SWIRVIN around the Oregon Coast!


Monday, May 16, 2016

Catching UP: Spyder Controls Repair--to January Trip to Joshua Tree National Park

Okay--it has been a while....figured we better get to it! Currently we are at Champoeg State Heritage Area, on the Willamette River just east of Newberg, OR. Lindy saw this draft post from a couple of months ago, and decided it was time to post it! Spyder Controls fixed, had to return for other warranty work before we left North Ranch early April. All is well now! Here we go with this older post:

Here we sit, in the waiting area while techs research and work on repairing our light system--controlled by Spyder Controls.... (mystery music in background, becoming louder and louder....!)

Let's talk about Joshua Tree National Park!

We stayed in Twentynine Palms, to be close to the northern entrance where all the trees could be seen. After all, Joshua Trees was our reason for the visit! We did learn that Joshua Trees are only found in the Mohave Desert, just as Saguaros are only found in the Sonoran Desert. Well, how about that! We (Arizona) have Joshua Trees along US 93 (Joshua Tree National ByWay) which also just happens to coincide with one of our favorite buggy rides--the Ride to Hole-in-the-Rock!
Stop on Ride To Hole-in-the-Rock:  "Joshua Tree Resort"

Here are some pictures from our December ride to Hole-in-the-Rock, as a stop-over we like to call the Joshua Tree Resort. Of course in March, we remember it as green. It looks a little brown now, but still has lots of Joshua Trees! This is part of the Mohave Desert!
"Joshua Tree Resort" on way to Hole-in-the-Rock

But seeing these trees was nothing compared to what we saw in the National Park! Lindy commented that it was like there were orchards of trees....and that it what it looked like.

Here is what we saw in Joshua Tree National Park (JTNP):

We drove up to Key's View, over 5,000 feet, looking down on Salton Sea, Palm Springs, and the Wind Farm. Look closely:  ALL these are in this picture (someplace)!

Here are the wind turbines--up close!

Another day we drove south, past the Cholla Garden, from the Mohave into the Colorado Desert. Interesting perspective! 

We enjoyed our visit to the Joshua Tree National Park. We noticed a smattering of Joshua Trees on our drive up to Las Vegas, and a few north of Las Vegas, as we headed north west the middle of April


Roving Riders, SWIRVIN towards the Oregon Coast in a couple of days!