Along the Yellowstone River

at Yellowstone's Edge RV Park.

We have spent a month here, about 34 miles from the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

We have taken two raft trips on the Yellowstone with friends from North Ranch. Marcia and Dennis, our neighbors at North Ranch, spent a weekend at Yellowstone's Edge.

Steve and Linda, part of  SxS (side by side) group, Desert Tortoises, spent a week. A great time was had by all!

Fortunately the sky and air was clear/clean when they were here! You can see from this picture MUCH haze and smoke!

We have not been alone in facing this problem. Most of the north west US and western Canada have been suffering from the results of all the wildfires.

It is sobering to think of the wide spread damage done across this part of the US!

Tomorrow we begin our journey east and south. We will check on fires in Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico as we travel.

Here's hoping for rain and cooler weather!

Are you wondering what we have been up to? Bug Lindy with you com…

Catching up--Riding E Bikes at Redding and a flash back to 2013

Do you remember our story of biking at Redding CA in 2013? Click here to refresh your memory.  The very first paragraph of the 2013 entry will help build the background for this story, particularly the "walking the bikes up the hill" part.

Now let me share with you our ride in 2018! Premier Redding RV Resort rents RAD electric bikes. The ones we rented were just like the one in the link! We had GREAT FUN riding! It was SO MUCH FUN to ride UP that hill! Lindy was going just a tad too fast...! She had to slow it down a bit!

We rented the bikes for two hours, and thoroughly enjoyed our ride from the RV Park to the Sun Dial Bridge and the trail along the Sacramento River. These bikes would be great to have in Valley Camp, for riding the John Wayne Trail! 
Roving Riders, SWIRVIN around North Bend, Washington--wanting to rent those RAD bikes...!

Out our Window -- and On the Beach -- Newport, Oregon

We enjoyed a week sitting on an ocean-view site at Pacific Shores Motorcoach RV Resort. What a treat! The trail to the beach was near, with just a few steps (NOT like the 76 steps down to the beach at Lincoln City!) 

We explored tide pools at low tide. We all enjoyed the beach several times. Rupert doing what he loves -- playing with his ball, and Maddie being Maddie--just running around smiling and having fun!

Click on any picture to make it larger.

Out Our Window -- Near Carson City, Nevada

Currently we are in Silver City RV Resort, just south of Carson City, Nevada, enjoying the snow-capped mountains out our window! Temps in the low 30's--but sunshine warming both the body and soul! Went to Costco yesterday and returned with the top down on the Beetle Bug! And Mike successfully stowed all our purchases in the trunk, placing the pizza for lunch in the back seat!

Yes! We brought it along! While in Beatty we loaded up the dogs, and geocached in beautiful weather! Maddie travels with Lindy behind the motorhome, and LOVES her princess mobile! Mornings when we are traveling, and ready to go, she is READY, waiting at the top step to go in her Beetle Bug!
We were able to dodge the wind while traveling, but did experience it while tied up:  in Kingman where we stayed an extra day; and in Vegas and an afternoon in Hawthorne. We also had rain and snow showers in Hawthorne and over a pass on US 395 coming into Minden. Oh well! Weather is as weather does! We are making the loop…

Lindy's Road Trip to Aurora University, Class of 1967 Reunion - Part 1

I drafted this post on my journey last October, 2017,  traveling to and from Aurora, Illinois. I'm posting it now. I am working on "catching up" on posts, as we continue enjoying our experiences traveling in our home on wheels with our two special Corgis. Here is Lindy's Road Trip to Aurora University, Class of 1967 Reunion - Part 1. 

Waaay last January, 2017, I began planning on a road trip to Aurora, Illinois. Fifty four years ago, I, and two others from teeny tiny Colton, Oregon traveled to Aurora to attend college, and graduated June, 1967. Instead of flying back for the 50th,, we planned a road trip where I could visit friends along the way:  stopping in Gallup, NM and Dubuque, Iowa. I also squeezed in a short visit to a Presidential Library along the way!

While in Gallup, I had lunch with three former students at Lincoln Elementary, in Shirley Russell's and my 5th grade classes; who are now teachers at that school! We had a great time:  laughing, crying (m…


We are speechless! How does one describe such a grand experience as a total solar eclipse? Are we ready for another! Of course!

We had to fight with fog to see it. We awoke to fog in the morning. We excitedly watched it became thinner, even allowing the sun to shine through. At 9:04, we watched, with our solar glasses on, the tiny black spot beginning to cover the sun. Click on the picture to the left to make it bigger. You can maybe see the small corner at the bottom right of the moon covering the sun. Remember, I said I was not going to take any pictures--I wanted to enjoy the experience. I did!

 Then at 9:41, the fog thickened, blocking much of the sun. At 10:16, however, the special effects of totality broke through! We could see the total eclipse! What an awesome experience! Truly worthy of the description "once in a lifetime!"

As the sun's crescent narrowed to just a thin line, we saw Bailey's Beads:  the light broken up into dots and points of light. We saw an…

Eclipse Excitement

A change in our plans this summer has us back at Lincoln City and we are excited! It looks like the weather is even cooperating! We know that the chance of cloud cover is still "in the cards" but we will take whatever the weather offers us on Monday for we are excited about just being able to experience a total eclipse!

Lindy had ordered a solar filter for her zoom lens, even! She researched taking pictures of the solar eclipse on line, and printed out a few articles. Her research on that lens was not complete, however, as Amazon sent an email stating that the seller could not confirm the safety of the lens. Hence, Amazon would refund the cost of the lens, which didn't need to be returned, along with a warning to NOT use the lens in taking pictures of the eclipse.

Okay, fine! After in depth research confirming Amazon's decision, Lindy also discovered advise that suggested persons experiencing the total eclipse for the first time NOT worry about taking any pictures. I…